Plugin development

I can help with plugins. Create new simple plugin in new version is easy, admin area is fully managed by plugin builder. Situation is worse with frontend.  

This is reason why I often update old plugins, but I have some conditions with old plugins. The code has to be open source, the best is if it is published on github.  And you need to provide sample data from version 1.0.4. 

If I use old plugins myself, I maintance them. Example:  LinksPage plugin, UserLanguageFlagsMenu plugin. If I am satisfied enough, I post them to e107 plugin repository. All code is available on github and I am used to do this way:

- after realease new version, all issues are closed (if they are solved, of course). Then next issues are marked by [solved] but they are still open. This way is easy to tell what is in official release and what will be in next update. The minimal period for new release is one month, if there is no critical issue. On my sites I use github version of my plugins, so month is minimal period for testing new version. 

If I help with old plugins (for somebody else, not for myself), I push my code, I create demo on my demo site, but it's enough. Somebody needs to take tests etc. If I don't know how a plugin should work, I can't check everything.  Example: Content plugin, Calendar_menu plugin.